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Basic Help and Definitions
Reviewing Statistics by Day of Month
(Click here to return to where you were.)

You may review statistics by the day of the month for any link. First, you must go to the Review All Stats page, find the link you wish to view more information about, then click on the magnifying glass in the right column.

By default, the statistics will be displayed for the current month. There are two drop down menus which allow you to choose a date range. The history is dependent on how long it's been since your link was created and how active your link has been. We only keep statistics for 12 months.

The results can be sorted by date or count. For more inforamtion about sorting Click Here.

You will also notice a few 'tabs' across the top of the statistics area. These tabs are provided as a tool to quickly move in and out of reports. The tabs may not appear to be active at all times. In some cases, if no information is available for a specific report, the tab will remain inactive.

If you want to go even deeper in the statistics, you can click on the Magnifying Glass and proceed to, (if available), Reviewing Statistics by Hour of Day.

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