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Basic Help and Definitions
Editing Links
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To edit a link, you must first select a link from the Review All Link Stats page or from the List All Link Codes page.

Once your link information appears, use the Edit button in the link information window to go to the Edit page. The following is a list of the fields you may edit.

Link Title - It is important to define a unique link title if you will be managing a large number of links with LinkCounter. The link title is Searchable. You may not have multiple links with the same title. However, you may use names such as Link Title #1, Link Title #2 etc.

Link URL - This is the most important element of your new link. Without the link URL, your link will never work. From the drop down menu, choose the type of link you with to create, then enter the remaining part of the URL in the blank provided.

Image URL - This field is to help you create you clink codes. If you plan to use the link code for a clickable image, you may enter the image URL here.

Description - You do not need to enter a long detailed description, but it is useful to enter a few key word about the link you are using. The description text is Searchable and planning a good description may make it easier for you to locate certain links, especially if you have a large number of links to maintain.

Click Value - LinkCounter will help you track the click that you get paid for. If you are getting a click through payment from an affiliate program, you may enter the value in this field. We will keep track and include these totals in the reports you view.

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