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Get the most out of LinkCounter
Outbound Traffic (traffic leaving your site)
This is the simplest and most often used feature of LinkCounter.com. Whenever you link out to another site, replace the normal URL with a modified URL created by LinkCounter. Now you can track the clicks (and visitors) out to others sites and be able to demand accountability for that valuable traffic.

Inbound Traffic (traffic coming from another site)
To measure traffic coming in from links on other sites, you'll need to establish a relationship with other webmasters. But it will pay off big when you begin to understand the power of networking. And LinkCounter makes it easy to manage your cross promotions by accurately measuring the clicks coming from other sites to yours. All you have to do is create referring URLs with LinkCounter for sites that link to you. For example, if you have a link to your site on another site, be sure they're using a LinkCounter URL and not just "www.yoursite.com" to bring traffic to you.

Internal Traffic (on your site, from one page to another)
Imagine you were to place an internal link pointing to a featured page on your site. You could try text, a graphic or even a banner. By using LinkCounter to track the click-thrus on various links, you can easily pinpoint which links are most effective.

Working with Affiliates (you can track clicks too!)
You've seen them before, Affiliate referral URLs about a mile long, filled with cryptic reference names and numbers. One slip when placing these links and you're no longer making money. With LinkCounter, you can shorten your Affiliate Partner URLs and replace them with easy to remember LinkCounter URLs. Now all you need to know is one number. That's your link for a specific Affiliate. You can run multiple links without the hassle of double checking or the risk of a missed link and missed payments. With LinkCounter on your side, you'll always have simple and easy-to-track URLs for all your Affiliate links.

Setting up Your Own Affilate Programs
If you feel confident enough about your Website that you can afford to pay for traffic, LinkCounter can help. If you want to pay others a cost per click to send traffic to you, you can measure these clicks with LinkCounter.

Status Bar Text (hiding the URL)
If you want to change the appearance of the link text that shows in a browser's status bar, you can use a simple JavaScript solution like the one shown below. Run your mouse over the three links called "A Cool Site". See how the first one shows the referral URL in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window? Now try the same with the other two and see what happens....

A Cool Site       A Cool Site       A Cool Site

Here's the HTML for that:
(be sure to get it all on one line)


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