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Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Does LinkCounter cost me anything to join?
A: Yes. LinkCounter is very moderately priced compared to our nearest competitors. For complete pricing details, pleave visit our Pricing Page

Q: What is LinkCounter and what does it do?
A: LinkCounter is a service that tracks clicks on any link you want to track, from inside, outside, or within your site itself. This is a great way to track affiliate programs and link exchanges, or to create referring links for sites you trade traffic with. We provide you with an unbiased report that you can use to keep track of your outgoing and incoming hits.

Q: I still don't get it. Exactly how does it work?
A: LinkCounter acts as an "invisible" gateway between your link and its destination. When someone clicks a link you've registered with us, they will be taken through this gateway and one click will be registered by LinkCounter. Your LC account allows you to keep count of these click-thrus with real-time data. All of this is transparent and does not affect your link in any way, and your visitors will not see anything out of the ordinary.

Q: Is LinkCounter hard to set up and use?
A: LinkCounter is so easy to use, you'll be set up and tracking clicks in a matter of minutes. Simply register with us, add your links, then copy and paste the tracking URL you are given. That's it!

Q: Do I need a seperate account for each link I want to track?
A: No. All of your links can be tracked from one account for your registered website. The only time you'll need another account is if you wish to track links on a different website. Each website must have it's own account.

Q: Can I use Linkcounter URLs in my newsletters?
A: Yes, you sure can. However, we have a "zero tolerance" policy regarding spam and will delete accounts if we receive spam reports. If you intend to use Linkcounter in any email marketing, your ezines must be 100% permission-based.

Q: Will LinkCounter work with my Affiliate Program?
A: Yes, as long as it is a Cost Per Click (CPC) Program. You can also use LinkCounter with Cost Per Action affiliates, (CPA); however, we we do not provide in-depth reporting, we only track clicks and cannot trace these clicks beyond the first level.

Q: I have several Affiliate links on my site that pay me different amounts. What now?
A: Not a problem. LinkCounter allows you to set up each URL and then designate the amount you are paid. And we do the math for you! All clicks and payments due are then laid out in a table for each URL you are tracking.

Q: My Affiliate stats are lower that what you are reporting, who's right?
A: LinkCounter tracks every hit that a link creates. Your affiliate may only be reporting "unique" clicks, (i.e. if the same user visits twice, only one click is recorded). If you are only being credited for uniques, then their total will be lower if the same IP address is clicking the links. Contact your individual Affiliates for these details or refer to your Agreements.

Q: Will LinkCounter act as an arbiter in any disputes?
A: No, we will not. Our service is offered for you to use in order to get an accurate report for comparison purposes only.

Q: What kind of stats does LinkCounter give me?
A: Our #1 priority is to provide you with an accurate and unbiased report on the clicks generated from your links.

Q: Doe LinkCounter show me how many Hits my site gets?
A: No. LinkCounter is not a "hit counter". We only track the activity of "links" you set up for your site. If you are looking for a service to track page hits, we suggest signing up for one of the many hit counter services on the web.

Q: Can I have my stats emailed to me?
A: Yes you can - here's how:
1: Login to your Linkcounter account.
2: Click on View All Link Counts.
3: Next to any link, click on Edit.
4: At the bottom of the page you can select to have the stats for that link emailed to you daily or weekly.
NOTE: You'll need to do this for each link stats you want emailed to you.

Q: What other benefits are there to using LinkCounter?
A: In addition to tracking your links, LinkCounter hides the URL to the link destination. Some people, for reasons only they know, will copy your Affiliate link into the browser window and remove your affiliate ID, and you get robbed out a click to your Affiliate. With LinkCounter, they will not see the link, so your true clicks will be credited to you!

Q: Can I track hits coming into my site as well?
A: Yes, you can. By setting up a referring link that points to a page on your site, you are able to send a unique URL for use on other sites. For example, if you want to know how much traffic SiteX.com is sending you, create a referring link with LinkCounter that points to your site. Then ensure that SiteX.com is using that same URL to point to you. Now you'll know exactly how many clicks are coming your way.

Q: What does LinkCounter do with the information I provide you?
A: We only use this information to track and provide to you any information relating to our service. We will not provide this information to anyone without your written permission. Furthermore, we will not e-mail any information about your account to anyone but the registered member of LinkCounter. For more details, please read our Privacy Statement.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of links I can track?
A: Please refer to our pricing plans regarding the number of links you can set up.

Q: I have an adult site. Can I use your service?
A: We do accept adult sites. However, we will remove any site we find promoting child pornography and any site sending spam promotions. Furthermore, we will report any such site to the proper authorities for legal action.

Q: Can LinkCounter track software downloads?
A: Yes, it sure can, as long as you put the complete URL to the file. However, LinkCounter cannot determine if a download was completed, nor does it keep track of activation of software.

Q: Can I unsubscribe from receiving any emails from you?
A: LinkCounter does not send out mailing lists. We DO on occasion send email to members to alert you of changes to servcies and or policies. There is no need to unsubscribe to anything.

Q: Will LinkCounter track IP numbers of users that click a link?
A: No, we don't provide this information at this time. However, we may offer this service in the future.

Q: How can I disguise the LinkCounter URL that appears in a browser's status bar?
A: You can do this with JavaScript. We have provided a sample script on our Site Ideas Page.


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