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About LinkCounter?

Linkcounter was created in April of 1999 in order to provide an accurate and fair method to track traffic between web sites. It has since grown into the best service of it's kind on the Internet. LinkCounter keeps track of how many times individual links on your website, or links leading into your site, have been clicked by web surfers... even on web servers that don't allow access to server logs and stats programs.

In July of 2002, the "new" Linkcounter was launched. We now offer a link tracking package unsurpassed by anyone else in our field. We urge you to check around and compare. We think you'll see why we are the #1 rated link-tracking service. Our promise to you is to continue to offer the most reliable and absolute best service you will find for you hard earned money.

If you'd like to learn more about us, please drop us an email at any time using our support form and either Lisa or Mike will gladly answer any questions you may have.


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